Q: What Features do your art pieces have?


A: All pieces are designed and hand-built in Portland, Oregon. The sides are constructed of 24-gauge steel and are given one of many Patina styles. The power cords are retractable and are reproductions of the 40s style cloth-covered cords with a ground wire in addition. Each neon tube is handmade to the specific art piece specs. The artwork has a UV clear coat that features brush strokes to further enhance the artworks’ look. Some pieces will feature motorized parts or LEDs as part of the theme. Neon Dimmers (with Bakelite vintage knobs) are also an option on many pieces so the neon brightness can be adjusted from approx. 10% to 100% brightness! This is a great feature for night and darker interiors. Pieces with neon transformer pull chains will feature a custom Pull that compliments the piece. The wall mounting system is a supplied Z Channel rail that interlocks with rail on back of the art creating a simple and secure wall mount. All pieces are signed and badged with a stamp stating Title, Edition Number and Date of Production.




Q: Do you build “Custom Designed” signs and art for clients?


A: Yes! We get many requests from businesses and individuals that see our signs and want something created to reflect their product, service, passion or style.


Q: Are your signs old?

A: While they look and feel like they were rescued from an old barn, they are new “Vintage” looking art pieces designed in the graphics and on the surface of edges to look like they have survived the wrath of the elements. You will see chips, rusty watermarks, peeling paint, cracks, etc., that make these appear truly convincing as “Old” Vintage pieces!


Q: How many of these do you build?


A: Most of our “Limited Edition” designs are limited to 25 signed and stamped / badged pieces creating a unique and very limited production, collectable piece of art.



Q: They look heavy, how much do they weigh?


A: While they are built super tough, they are extremely light pieces. They average a mere 25 lbs complete with transformer allowing them to be mounted anywhere a weight issue exists, e.g., Hollow walls, Boats, Cruise ships, inside of an Airstream trailer or R.V., etc.


Q: Can I mount it outside?
A: All of our art pieces are designed for indoor display. However, covered patios and areas with protection from the elements should do just fine. Moisture is the culprit as the power sources are rated for “Indoor Use Only.” They are NOT designed to weather rain, snow, tornadoes, tsunamis, heavy moisture or humidity outdoors.


Q: What if the neon power source goes bad?
A: We have thoughtfully designed a back access cover to replace a bad transformer. The transformers should last for many years under normal conditions and be trouble free. We can send a replacement transformer for a fee and replacement details if this should ever occur. Our Power sources are all U.L. approved (for indoor use) with ground fault and overheating circuit protection that are the safest in the industry!



Q: How do I clean it?
A: The art pieces are coated with an extremely durable clear coat protecting the art for a lifetime. You can simply clean it with a soft towel. Don’t use chemicals or abrasives on any surfaces. Past experience suggests they look even more realistic a little dusty!



Q: I’ve seen other neon signs and they ONLY look good in the dark. What about yours?
A: Most neon signs use the neon “AS” the artwork, often forgetting about daytime viewing and the surrounding surfaces. We design each art piece as just that, An Art Piece that stands on its own. The neon is only one of many elements that create the total effect of the art. Our customers often comment on “How good they look!” even with the neon turned off! Also, while many neon signs use the most cost-effective white-looking tubing, we thoughtfully incorporate a similar color or clear tube that complements the artwork color or becomes invisible over the art when turned of … just one of our many attentions to detail.
Q: What about those moving elements on some designs?
A: Some of our designs feature artistic 3-D moving parts controlled by servo motors connected to a 6V power source. They are custom mounted/designed/balanced and engineered to last a lifetime. They all work off a standard 110 Volt wall outlet and can be plugged in (ON) or unplugged (OFF). There is an external female plug on the bottom of the sign that it fits into and a replacement transformer can be ordered should it ever wear out. Just plug it in! (We strongly caution parents to mount all signs far above the reach of small children due to the nature of glass neon tubing, transformer voltage and moving parts!)
Q: Can you ship your art pieces and how?


A: Yes! All of our pieces (With a few Custom Orders exceptions) are built and packaged within FEDEX shipping specs. Actual cost is determined by your zip code and distance from us. Shipping is NOT included in the price of the Custom art pieces.


Q: How long does it take to get a piece once I order it?


A: Since each piece is handmade from the ground up, we have a 3-6 week production schedule. When you place an order we will provide you with an estimated ship date. Should we have a finished piece in stock, it would just be the time it takes to package and ship it.


Q: Where can I see your pieces in person?


A: You are welcome to visit our studio… Please call and make an appointment. Also we have an updated events calendar that gives upcoming event and art show dates as they are available.


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