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Blaster! RETIRED
Dimensions: 21” Wide X 34” Tall (Wall Mount)
Retail Price: Retired
Dimensions: 24” wide X 43” Tall (Floor Stand Model)
Retail Price: Retired
Fear Everything! The mean streets have unleashed “Blaster!” Keep the pedal to the metal or you may just get... Blasted! The first piece in an ongoing collaboration between renown automotive artist Max Grundy and myself. There will be a Limited Edition of just 25 pieces per design. This piece has a red neon Laser Beam emitting from his helmet as well as green LED pulsating bolts on his green metal parts. The metal sides are a combo of brushed steel, rust and burnt areas where Blaster took some artillery hits. The floor stand is a great way to display the piece. The stand base has a reclaimed lumber look with a rusty steel tube support bolted to it.